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Talk about a move on up! Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, which is widely referred to as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies” and the best-worst film ever made, could soon be released in additional formats, including 3D.

Wiseau — who is the writer, director, lead actor, and producer of The Room — recently created a Twitter account and has been active ever since. Aside from helping to promote The Disaster Artist and predicting boyband reunions, he regularly answers fan queries. And when someone asked him if The Room would ever be released in high definition, he revealed that indeed, it would. And in 3D too!

But with Tommy, you never know if he’s actually being serious or just trying to crack a joke — like, it’s so hard to tell — so take his statement with a grain of salt. If it happens to be true though, then The Room might just garner another absurd record…

And this time, it’s for having the *weirdest* trajectory in movie history.
When it was first released in 2003, the film reportedly only grossed $1,900 after being shown in two theaters. But over the years, it slowly reached cult status for being, well, spectacularly awful. Now, because of The Disaster Artist, the award-winning biopic which chronicles the making of The Room, Wiseau’s masterpiece has finally reached Hollywood success.

You may not like it, but you will learn something. Those are the words spoken by Tommy Wiseau concerning whether nor not people will like his film, The Room, in the DVD extra that’s just about as ridiculous as the movie itself. Honestly my brain hurts just listening to him. It’s not his accent and it’s not the halting way in which he talks, but it’s the idea that he’s trying to push the movie as a brilliant piece of cinema that has some deeper meaning than what people saw. In a sense he’s trying his hardest to make people see a vision that might very well be in his head but didn’t really make it into the film.

Honestly just watching the trailer and reading the plot is enough to know that this film is terrible, there’s no need to waste money on the DVD as he asks you to do in the clip. His answers to the questions about the film are just as unintelligible as the movie. The worst part about it however is that he’s actually getting attention for this and has managed to keep going with a career that has yet to aspire to mediocrity. He might have a very well-defined vision in his head, and it is possible, but his execution thus far has not been what people might expect of a movie that has gained so much notoriety.

The acting is horrible, the settings aren’t bad but are fairly generic, and the plot is something that looks like a beginning drama student might have drawn up. That might seem unkind but being as Wiseau seems to think that this is one of the most intellectually-stimulating films ever made it’s only natural that someone bring him back down to earth. His sense of self and the pride he holds in his work is great, but what he really needs to do, if he hasn’t already, is take a step back and look at his work as objectively as possible. There’s no worse critic than yourself when it comes to completing a project, yet Wiseau is under the impression that he’s got lightning in a bottle when it comes to his film.

The clip below is even worse than the movie since his answers barely begin to address the questions in some cases and can be highly confusing in others. He doesn’t seem to get the idea of what it takes to make a great film and thinks he’s on the right track to a career that could be highly lucrative and bring him even more renown than he’s already earned.  At this point that would most likely mean that he could bomb even worse and be called the worst director/actor of all time.

It’s great that he has a healthy amount of self-esteem and believes in his own work, but not being able to look at it in an objective light is what hurts many artists. Doing something for yourself is great, it’s the first recommended step in the life of anyone that writes, makes films, creates art, or does anything that draws attention. But being able to step back and realize just where your creation might need a little help is important as well.

Scott Jennings, a CNN contributor, is a former special assistant to President George W. Bush and former campaign adviser to Sen. Mitch McConnell. He is a partner at RunSwitch Public Relations in Louisville, Kentucky. Follow him on Twitter @ScottJenningsKY. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

(CNN)Somehow, President Donald Trump has become the voice of bipartisanship and cooperation in Washington, while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have taken a decidedly negative tone on major issues — chiefly immigration. This stance was on evident display Tuesday night at the President’s State of the Union address.

Trump, whose initial compromise immigration plan shocked some last week for its willingness to offer a path to citizenship to the Dreamer population, was met with hostility by Democrats who seem to have forgotten who won the election.
Scott Jennings
Scott Jennings
The President again offered a cooperative tone to do something out of reach for the past two administrations: comprehensive immigration reform. He even flatly stated that neither side “will get everything they want,” which sounds like a President who understands he must govern from the middle on complex issues like this one.
Time and again, Pelosi and Rep. Steny Hoyer, as Politico’s Jake Sherman noted, couldn’t bring themselves to stand for Trump’s calls for bipartisanship. They look petty and small in the face of a President honestly trying to forge a solution to a problem that has festered for years.
Regardless of what happens on immigration (and I predict progress of some kind), Trump also nicely laid the groundwork for the Republican midterm campaign to come by touting the GOP’s tax cut and positive economic news.

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